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California EV oil and fuel recomendtations

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Please let me apologize in advance for starting yet another “oil” thread. My new to me 2001 California EV states in the manual, “ Agip 4T SUPER RACING SAE 20w50”.

So my question is, is there a comparable, similar type oil that will offer good protection available? Not averse to shopping at a Wall Mart, autozone etc, just want to get the right stuff. My last Guzzi Le Mans  used Rotella diesel, and I don’t think that would be appropriate for this machine.

Regarding fuel, I had to add a few gallons of 89 octane regular while in upstate NY, as the station ran out of premium. Bike ran fine, no detonation. Just wondering if 89 pump fuel is OK?

As previously posted Guzzi tech note 010-2006-28-07-2006 for your bike states that racing 4T 10W-60 recommended oil.  As alternate, racing 4T 20W-50 may be used.

Wayne Orwig:
On my 1994 California 1100, and on my 2004 EV, I used 89 octane most of the time. A couple of times when I would go to the coast, in the summer, I would notice a little pinging if I got stuck in hot traffic, so I would bump up the octane. But here in Atlanta, even in hot traffic jams, I never got any pinging.

As for the oil,  :boozing:

Tom H:
For the oil any quality synthetic 10W-60 or 20W-50 will work fine. I wold go with the 20W-50 myself. If Rotella had either in synthetic, I'd use it. Mobil 1 comes to mind for an easy one to find. Castrol and Valvoline make synthetic motorcycle oils and can be found in auto parts stores.


bad Chad:
89 should be fine if the bike is in tune.  These bikes are designed to run US 90 octane.  Many of us run premium, myself included, but 93 octane is wasted on these motors.

2001 should run great with any high quality moto 20w50.


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