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What are the "issues when wet"?


I've seen mention in several posts that some bikes have "issues when wet", but haven't seen a description of what those issues are. My specifics: I have a 2016 Eldorado  that throws the "Urgent Service" message if it gets even a light rain on it, or after getting washed. Usually runs OK with the message on, but on a recent trip it wanted to stall at idle. Once it warms up it runs fine, and if I get it good and hot and shut down/restart, the message clears. The message clears even if it's still raining, and (so far) hasn't come back on during the ride.

I plan on getting the garden hose and to start getting one area of the bike wet at a time to try to reproduce the issue, but if anyone has some tips for where to start it would be appreciated.


blu guzz:
i had a 1400 california custom.  the bike had a manufacturing error.  there was a connector in the headlamp that was 1 or 2mm to short. so as you moved the bar back and forth over time, it would pull loose.  not so loose as to stall the bike but loose enough to throw the code and put the bike in limp mode.  the 1400 is so strong that limp mode still allowed for 80 mph.   the solution was that mg made new connectors that much longer, check with your dealer. problem solved.

The check engine light on my 2017 V7III always comes on in inclement weather like fog or drizzle, it comes on about 1/4 mile from home and goes out again later in the day air the weather improves. Its my check weather light lol.

^  :grin:, Peter

Thanks for the replies, checking connectors around the headlamp makes sense. Guzzi is pretty high-tech to have a "check weather" indicator...  :wink:  Will post if I find anything.


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