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Coleman minibikes for $89.00

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Hey all,

I know a few on here must have those 200cc red Coleman minibikes , I have been seeing ads pop up that look like walmart and home depot warehouse centers selling them for 89.00 and free shipping.

It seems to look legit but I sense its a scam. Ive also seen people comment on FB and some claim to have gotten them and others are waiting. I know they are about 500-600 or retail.

Anyone else see these ads?

Something very wrong with that. If it seems too good to be true....then it is.

Yes, I have seen the adds but would not bite.

RinkRat II:

        I saw two today from the same scam outfit. One is for a 24 pack of Dewalt cordless tools including extra batteries, chargers and cases for only $99.00.
    The second was for a Segway electric bicycle only $89.00 .    Unbelievable  :copcar:

    Paul B  :boozing:

Not sure of the price, but I coincidentally walked by a Coleman minibike on the floor of a Tractor Supply store yesterday. There was one assembled, and two more still in the shipping boxes.

Steven Rossi


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