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1965 Benelli / Motobi 200 Sprite

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Antietam Classic Cycle:
Looks great! BTW, 123 Bearing is in France.  :wink:

CRT 4 de Lesquin Rue Léo Ferré


--- Quote from: Antietam Classic Cycle on November 25, 2022, 08:26:28 PM ---Looks great! BTW, 123 Bearing is in France.  :wink:

CRT 4 de Lesquin Rue Léo Ferré

--- End quote ---

I guess I wasn’t paying attention to their website, I just assumed they were UK, great service though, I ordered the crank big end needle bearings and cup rollers late last week and less than a week later they arrived. Can’t beat the prices either, I used to have a helpful local supplier but no longer.

I got another 200 Sprite parts motor bottom end in trade for some Cardellino parts. The cases are excellent and will be used in my 200 motor. A bunch of other bits will find a home in the 250 and 125 motors.

A night in the ultrasonic tank then an afternoon of vapour blasting.

The bike suffered a broken transmission gear, probably sat for decades after the transmission went bang.

I am hoping I can repair the damaged crankshaft tip with
My MIG and turn it back in the lathe.

The rotor was fused to the crank, someone had tried to get it off before and whatever puller they tried damaged the crank and tore the threads out of the rotor spindle. I cut the rotor brass body off the steel Center (I have a spare) and used serious heat and a big bearing puller to get it off, amazing how stuck it was.

It’s taken many months of searching for parts, buying a couple donor engines, and research but I have finally got a rebuilt 200 crankshaft with new rod, pin and main bearing and while I was at it I had a 250 crank rebuilt with new pin and bearing and a 125 with NOS webs and bearing.

So now it’s time to go through all the boxes of parts and build a 200 for the project bike.  I will have a rebuilt 125 and 250 for future projects

Back to work on the Benelli

sorting through parts today, I have three sets of transmission pieces and used the best of the gears and dog, getting the snap ring off the output shaft to separate the rotating gear was a heck of a job, there must be a trick or a special tool, this snap ring has no holes in to open with a standard set of snap ring pliers. three small flat blade screwdrivers opened the ring to free the gear, I sure could have used three hands.

A very helpful tool is the Tusk crankshaft puller, not too expensive and it cleanly pulls the crank into the ball bearing without resulting to a soft mallet on the opposite end of the crank and disturbing the freshly trued crank

I pressed in a new small end bush I had made up by a machinist and reamed it to 18mm, drilled the oil passage holes. I also ran a 10mm reamer through the case cam follower bushings, one of the bushing was very tight.

crank set in one case and it spins so smoothly

Once the transmission and gear shift drum were installed I found there was a very stiff / tight fit across one set of meshing gears. I went back through the stash I had and found another gear that fits much better. I tested the shift mechanism with a small vice grip on the shift drum output shaft, it moves easily through the gears and neutral seems to be easy to find without the detent in place,

I should get the cases joined tomorrow and get on with the top end.


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