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1965 Benelli / Motobi 200 Sprite

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Some parcels showed up this week, being at home for a week after surgery is starting to get old. I packed up my parcels and drove to my shop to have a present opening!

I got a very nice 22 mm Dellorto carb ( the 24 will go on my Aermacchi 250)

A new chain, a rear brake light switch, a NOS speedo and some rubber grommets for the ignition wiring passing through the crank case

I also received a whole bunch of NOS parts for a 1968 Aermacchi 250 short stroke motor I am rebuilding, con rod and pin kit, oversized piston and rings, valve guides, gaskets and so on. The parts availability for the 60’s Aermacchi Harley Davidson’s is pretty good! 

By the time I dropped the Aermacchi parts off to the machine shop for a crank rebuild, cylinder hone and guides I was pretty much worn out.

It's amazing to me that any of these parts are still available !

I'm guessing that you need to be a good detective.


--- Quote from: kballowe on March 09, 2023, 03:58:57 AM ---It's amazing to me that any of these parts are still available !

I'm guessing that you need to be a good detective.

--- End quote ---

I like the searching for parts and researching the history of these old bikes

Installed the speedo today.

Fitted a new chain


Santo Di Motociclio sent me this real nice NOS wire grommet, it’s real deep to fit through the case casting


I welded up a bracket to hold the rear brake light switch

Works like a charm

Moved some wires around to get the chime lever to be clear of the high tension led

Great pictures. 



The day finally arrived to try and fire up the Benelli Sprite 200, installed a new spark plug, set the points and timing, I filled the crankcase with 2 litres of Castrol 20/40, attached the fuel bottle to the carb. After a couple kicks it started and briefly ran. After that it would not catch, it was close but it was kicking back a bit and only trying to start on full throttle. Spark is bright, kicking it without a battery as it does have magneto ignition. I have the air screw set to the recommended 1 full turn out from bottom. Turning the screw out richens the mixture.

I checked the timing again and its still spot on so I cant figure out why the kicking back feel. It seems to be flooding, perhaps I don't have the carb set up right. None the less it did start so that is positive, I will give it another go tomorrow.

Any ideas?


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