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76 Convert restoration/refreshening.

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Hello Folks, about a month ago, I was lucky to be contacted by a member on the Convert Group, after I posted a wanted add. This long term Guzzisti, had a beautiful red convert in east Texas that had been parked in a museum in Indiana ( Jim Minnise's motorcycle museum) for over 20 years, and had less than 10K miles. The PO bought it when contacted by the museums owner about 3 years ago, then changed out the stamped flywheel, and hardy rode it. The bike is featured in a hard cover coffee table book( Motorcycle Classics by Doug Mitchell, and the editors of Consumers guide) .
A new copy of the book came with the bike, along with the original sales receipt from Ace's Motorcycle Sales, of Oakland City, Indiana A Guzzi, Norton, and Ossa dealer where it sold for a whopping $ 3289.73 out the door!
I have all the original registrations on the bike since new, as well as the sales documents,a red tag that hung on the handlebars warning about the "Freno Integrale" or integrated braking system. I have a stack of documents covering service, etc. on the bike for the last 46 years. The PO kept everything in perfect order in a 3 ring binder.

I have started the job of replacing all the fuel lines, ATF hoses, full service to the brake system, and general all around cleaning, painting, greasing, etc.

photo neymar 2018


all new atf hoses, oil cooler cleaned and painted, mounted with new grommetts, and spaced away from frame a bit.


fuel lines replaced, new braided oil feed lines to heads, rubber lines  "Dowdy"sealing gaskets used on all fittings.carbs cleaned, and kits installed, along with new choke and throttle cables.



ATF tank removed, cleaned, and new hoses/ sealing washers installed. So far everything I have found on the bike is completely unmolested, and seems like opening up a "time capsule" from 1976. All the wiring, connectors, etc. are not hardened or modified at all.  What a pleasure it is to bring back a bike like this as opposed to some I have wrenched on where there were many stripped and or wrong fasteners, with things "cobbled up" everywhere you look!  :thumb:
Rick Duarte


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This is the coffee table book where my Convert is featured.It was really cool that the previous owner provided that with the bike!


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