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75 850T Puzzle of parts! Need photo help

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I used switches for a 2000? Ducati on my 75 850T but then again mine isn't a restored original it's a semi custom rider . Been riding it since '07 and travel real long distances with her .I found much of the electrics can be replaced easily with better stuff.I used the Dyna electronic ign and coils, the Euromotoelectric adjustable voltage reg , the Ducati switches , a lawn tractor battery that I got from K mart  ,a Valeo starter (lighter weight) .She's treated me real good over the years and the 140,000 miles I have put on her since I got her.

If you need any help figuring it out I'm pretty familiar with the T

Kind of a long shot but if you can find an original 850T in your area to borrow for a few weeks, you can refer to it as you work.  I was fortunate to have a friend with an untouched old Commando when wiring mine.  I parked it in the garage next to the project.


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