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1974 Police Eldo Rejuvination

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Dave Swanson:
This will be a Cliff Notes version of a build thread.  I will hit the highlights as I work my way through this bike to make it reliable and roadworthy again. 

This bike came from the estate of Bob Farris, a local long time Guzzi enthusiast.  He was the Illinois state rep for MGNOC years ago and traveled to Europe for the 75th Guzzi anniversary.

The bike hadn't seen the light of day for 25 years or more, and was one of the Eldos that really caught my eye when I would stop by to visit. 

I feel lucky to have the opportunity to have one of Bob's Loops.  It will not be given a total restoration, but will be spruced up and refreshed where necessary. 

The day I brought it home - August 12th, 2023.

Dave Swanson:
Current state.


Nice piece good luck!

Dave Swanson:
All the tins, which I believe to be original paint, polished up well after lots of elbow grease.


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