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How come you don't email me to tell me my account has been approved?


Luap McKeever:
The system automatically sends you a confirmation email once the account has been approved.  If you do not receive this email, you may have entered it incorrectly inside your profile.  The system will send your confirmation to the email address you signed up using.

I would personally like to answer all emails, but given the time restrictions I am under, It is not feasible.  I realize that using an automated system takes some of the "personal touch" out of it, but it has been a true time saver on my part. 

Also, if you fail to send me a letter of intent within 24 hours or so, I will reject the account (I will assume it is a spammer or spam bot) and you will not receive any notification of it. Sorry, but that's the way the system is designed. So, please be sure to send me that letter of intent as soon as you get the first confirmation message stating that your account has been created, but is awaiting approval.  Heck, you can reply to that message even, and consider that your intent letter. 



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