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Title: never happened before.
Post by: larrys on July 01, 2021, 01:59:19 PM
Ordered an 11mm master cylinder rebuild kit from MG Cycle. The bag the kit comes in has the correct part number but the kit is for a 13mm master cylinder kit. Shared some photos of the parts in emails with Gordon from MG and a new kit is on its way. Have bought a bunch of Brembo parts over the years, first time I have seen incorrect parts in a package from them. Brembo must have a Luigi, too...
Title: Re: never happened before.
Post by: guzzisteve on July 01, 2021, 03:54:18 PM
I have had the same happen with Guzzi parts that come from the USA parts warehouse from our importer. Ordered all the sized shims for cam sensor, bags marked correctly but got orings & the mount screws.
All done with warehouse logistics they don't know what the stuff actually looks like, and it's cheap labor. I remember they let the guy go that knew something. Hey, they save paying him.