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1967 V700 Corsa-Record

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--- Quote from: Turin on October 26, 2021, 12:29:41 AM ---Oh man do I need to start working on my heap. your bike is going to be amazing!

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Thanks, man.  I hope so. I've been studying your 850T pics & details, thinking about engine build details when that far away day comes.  Until then, the carnage continues.  Today, another egg was broken and another omelet was made.  Fabrication for the rearsets began.... 

First step was the sawing-

All I have for reference to make these rearsets are a variety of pics from a variety of angles that are just as varied in how much or little usable information they provide.  I would doubt the original bikes used solid bar for the loop, simply because it would have been unnecessary weight.  I've looked at some new steel tubing.  But since I'm cheap and romantic, I figured I already had a perfect piece of factory-approved tubing to try and use.  So the original rear footpeg bracket was carefully trimmed away from the removed loop.

The tube was cleaned, reshaped and shortened.  A pair of new peg brackets were cut and shaped before being welded to the new shortened hoop.  When the pedal and shifter is made, the brackets will be drilled and a sleeve added between them for strength.  Probably will add some support connecting the edges of the two bracket pieces after that is done to keep all as strong and aligned as possible.  When it's time to weld everything to the frame, I'll make a pair of steel inserts to replace the dowels holding it together right now for pics.

The remaining original tube and bracket will be put aside and saved, just in case I can recycle it into the project at some point.

A quick update for those following..

For nearly 20 yrs, we've lived adjacent to large pastures.  Laid back, no worries. Very cool.  Now the pastures are turning into a 1000-house subdivision.  Not cool.  So my termite-eaten, cracked & jacked slab wood/model shop that cannot be locked will be removed and rebuilt twice as large.  One bay will be my new bigger wood shop.  The other will be much-needed dedicated bike & car parking/storage.  So my Corsa Record is being sidelined in order to put my 1967 Galaxie- which was underway & sidelined when the Guzzi arrived- back together and out of the shop to make room for my woodshop equipment during construction.  Aside from collecting parts, I'm not expecting to get much work done on any bike for quite a while.  Kinda bummed, but will be great to finally get vehicles out of work areas and make things more secure & efficient.

On a more positive note, progress is being made my second Corsa Rosso V700-ish loop project. A bare V700 frame and wheels I've had for years will wear all the oem parts removed from my Corsa Record project.  A good group of V700 parts from a deceased Guzzi friend named Richard came fromTN.  The 850 Guzzi tractor will participate in some way.  A usable front end was sourced via eBay.  Earlier this fall, Mayor of BBQ Chad donated a 5 gallon bucket + of nuts, bolts and other Loop pieces.  Nick sent some bits from up north.  Yesterday, a big box arrived from Charlie Mullendore with front brake, front fender mounts, petcocks to rebuild and a well-ventilated but free later loop gas tank that will be used as a pattern for an aluminum tank.   It will be fun to build a bike from parts & friends when the time comes.  Thanks, guys.

And I got a crunchy but decent 1966 Sprint a week ago to put back for later. Building a bike like Jim's Ala Verde is tempting, but so is a cafe bike more along the lines of Lino Tonti's Linto 500 or other Aermacchi-related machines...

Until then, thanks for watching.  I'll be back.

I've had a couple of galaxies. FE under the hood?


--- Quote from: Turin on November 30, 2021, 01:45:38 PM ---I've had a couple of galaxies. FE under the hood?

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Yup.  Factory Q code 428 C6 red on red bench seat car with a/c and original disc brakes.  61k original miles.  Ive got a 428pi intake, 427 long exhaust manifolds, bigger Holley and more to set it up just like my old 67 Galaxie with a 428PI that I built as a kid.  Planning to change trans to a a 67 390 Galaxie wide ratio 4 speed toploader and add pentroof valve covers & a Holman Moody style NASCAR cowl plenum air cleaner that I've made.

No fancy resto, just an old car.  It should make a great Guzzi tow car when needed...


--- Quote from: cliffrod on September 27, 2021, 04:40:38 PM ---

The filler neck is long to allow trimming if needed.  This old cap came with the original shrunken, hardened rubber cap gasket.  Until that gasket has been replaced with ??, I don't know how tall or short it needs to be.

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Cliff PM me your address I have a couple sheets of great gasket for this application. I used it to replace the cork gasket on my Ambo tank cap and it has been stellar.


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