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Help needed troubleshooting V 11 Sport

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Hello folks, I am trying to help out a friend having trouble with his 03 Lemans. The problem is the bike wont idle, and sputters, backfires, just runs terrible, except for high speeds higher rpms.  I started by setting the valves to .006 and .008 . The left side exhaust was so tight ,there was zero clearance, and the intake had very little clearance. I thought I had found the problem, but no such luck!  :grin:
It still would not idle, so I cleaned the TBs, and the air screws, with carb cleaner spray, and set TPS to 150mv with butterfly closed . I then set the idle voltage on the TPS to 525 mv,  and balanced the TBs. The bike will barely run, is very hard to start, and backfires, as if the timing was off.
The plugs look black and sooty as in too rich, and you can smell fuel when its running. I have gone through the tuning procedure in Guzziology, many times. I even replaced the TPS with a good used one I have,and it made no difference.
any advice and suggestions on what to check next much appreciated.
Rick D.

Finding the valves tight on one cylinder is no good. If it ran for a period of time in that condition it is likely the valves may be burned up, especially the exhaust. Either do a leak down test or go straight to pulling the head off the left side.


TB bleed screws should be 3/4-1/2 open, identical on both sides. In GuzziDiag program there is an Idle mixture setting, make sure it is 0-30 not much over. Find out what 15M map the bike has installed.

My Friend rode the LeMans from northern Utah to southern AZ. It was  a 3 day trip, and half way through, the bike started to not idle. He rode it that way, at freeway speeds for over a day and a half, so I imagine the valves were closed up on the left side for a while, and he was hauling ass, he told me.. I have ordered the lonelec cable for Guzzi diag. I have not used Guzzidiag in a long time,and need to familiarize myself with it. What can I check or adjust through Guzzidiag, that I cant do with just the multimeter method for setting the TPS, etc?
Steve, I have played with the air bleed screws, from 1/2 open all the way to 1 3/4 turn open. It makes no difference. It sorta acts like there is an air leak, as the idle wont drop back down, but fluctuates, sometimes staying up at 2-3K rpms. I have sprayed carb cleaner all around the intake manifolds,and there was no change in idle to suggest a leak.
Would a compression test help, or only a leak down test?
Anything else I should check?

It is fuel injected, to adjust idle mixture you need software. The air bleeds also control how rich, open to lean it out but most engines run at 1/2-3/4 and can be up to 1 1/2 open. Other than that you need to adjust the numbers for idle w/software. It will tell you what the map name says. I have seen those ECU's change idle mix on their own.
It could also be a bad temp sensor either oil or air making things rich, that you can do with multi-meter.


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