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New V7 Special 850 Stumbling

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A friend recently bought a new '21 V7 Special 850. Its his first bike ever. He's coming up on 300 miles, it's new and so is he.

He tells me that it pulses for the first few miles when he leaves work at the end of the day. It doesn't do it in the mornings. He called the dealer. They suggest that, if it sits outside in the sun (it does), he should open the gas cap to vent off any buildup of pressure in the tank just before he leaves work.

He plans to try that tomorrow.

I'm wondering if this is a common occurrence with V7 850's. This one is built to the Euro-5 standard, so I guess it's possible.

I have read that the 21 Euro 5 V85 will do that. It tends to not be as much with the cruise control set. Sorry but I forget what the fix has been. Check the thread on ADV rider...close to the last few pages I believe.

I did not know the V7iii  were still available in 2021. At any rate, a canisterectomy will cure any vapor lock issues

Yeah, I was wrong on the model designation. Guess I'm a bit behind the times. It is a V7 Special 850.

Kev m:
The one I rode at Blackman's certainly didn't do that, but it was well warmed up, and for all I know had been vented well.

That said, if it goes away I'd guess it's a warm-up issue or venting and not really worry about it.

Though I'm curious if he's vented it by opening the cap and tested yet?

FWIW I have a 2013 MK I Stone that sometime surges BADLY at start up, but it goes away in a minute or two once warmed.

Ironically the 2018 MK III Dark doesn't do it at all. Go figure.

I've come to the conclusion it's mapping related on the MK I, but not worth a change as it's so relatively minor (as long as I'm not in a rush to leave when I cold start it).


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