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Classic Motorcycle Day 2022

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--- Quote from: Antietam Classic Cycle on May 22, 2022, 05:29:17 PM ---Great show as usual, good turn out of Guzzis, lots of other interesting stuff. I'll post a link to a photo album once I create it.

This did happen though...  :azn:

--- End quote ---

Well, I was going to supplement Charlie's photo with a photo of the 2nd Place award, but I took the photo on my new supposedly simple point & shoot camera and discovered that I need to get a PhD in software management to get the damn thing to connect to my computer so I can download photos.  What was a 2 or 3 click operation using my old camera (which went belly-up on me recently) is now about a 30 minute operation, assuming I do it correctly the first time.


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