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General Discussion / Re: EBC brake pads
« Last post by Guzikid on Today at 10:43:38 PM »
  I use the HH pads on my Breva 750.  They are very good.....will use them again !!!  The Kid
General Discussion / Re: 2021 Guzzi lineup. Verona show
« Last post by krglorioso on Today at 10:34:58 PM »
They just can't get the message! Flat paint sucks! Small gas tanks do too.

My sentiments, exactly.  $10K out the door for a bike in flat brick red--or is it primer?

Granted I'm hopelessly biased, but my recently-acquired '04 Breva with its charcoal/medium silver gloss paint gets onlooker applause that half the 2021 Guzzis never will.  Has Piaggio ever tallied what paint finishes most leave earlier models sitting on the dealers' floors?


Got home from work today.  Told my wife that I needed to pack my V85TT for the weekend.  She says yea, I think your motorcycle is leaking oil, but it doesn't look that bad. What??  So I go to the garage and sure enough there is oil on the floor.  I started into a profanity laced diatribe since my V7 is currently being repaired for a rear drive leak.

After my rage subsided, I took the skid plate off and found the filter bolt was loose. 

I tightened the bolt and cleaned up the oil.  I took it for a 10 mile ride and didn't find any fresh oil.  I topped it off with oil and all appears good.  It currently has 3500 miles on it and the dealer did the 900 mile service.  Not sure if the dealer didn't tighten it enough or if it worked loose.  So after an exciting afternoon, I'm still on for the weekend.

I got it figured out!  Your wife doesnít want you leaving this weekend and loosened the bolt to make you think there was a more serious problem causing you to stay home!  Thatís what really happened!!!
General Discussion / Re: Mille non corre
« Last post by ozarquebus on Today at 10:25:04 PM »
I called Dyna a while back for an intermittent problem with my Dyna equipped SPII and they did not offer a testing service or online assistance other than to tell me they do not fail intermittently.
I bought a full Dyna Kit just to eliminate ignition potential problem. That wasn't it, so now I am pursuing carb demon for the right side gas fouling.
General Discussion / Re: accelerator pump check ball
« Last post by LesP on Today at 10:17:58 PM »
Does anyone have a tip for replacing the check ball in the acc. pump in a vhb 30 carb? I can't get at the plastic ball without destroying the brass piece containing it. Thanks Tim

They are very easy to check and clean which I did as part of refurbishing the VHB 29's which included new slides.

General Discussion / Re: 1973 Eldorado Floorboards
« Last post by guzzista on Today at 10:15:57 PM »
At the risk of offending some  rivet counters ( aka Concourse Police), if it were my Loop, I would seriously think about doing a little fabrication and bolt on some later Tonti footboards.  Definitely easier to find, tons cheaper and  more comfortable due to anti vibration insulation design. With a little planning  and   TIG welding  I think they would look the part and installed  to configure with the  existing shifter and brake pedal even better than the originals, which require  footboard  specific items to work as intended
General Discussion / Re: still in love? V85tt
« Last post by jrt on Today at 10:07:41 PM »
I used a sheepskin for a long-ish trip recently.  Don't expect it to transform the bike into a long-distance couch.  The V85 was pretty comfortable, but any bike after enough hours will be torturous.  My limit was 10.  The next 4 were less than fun.  Use a cover for awhile, then take it off to give yourself some variety. 
I also run a CalSci large shield like some others do-  it provides very good protection and I am totally satisfied with it (I'm 5'10", 32" inseam- very average).  The bike pushes down the highway at an indicated 80mph very well.  My GPS says that is actually 75mph.  Any faster and the noise and turbulence really starts to build up and the gas mileage drops quickly.
Maintenance has been...a breeze.  I love Guzzi's for this.
This bike is close- so close- to being a bike I could say that I'll keep forever. isn't.  It is a small block motor and is fundamentally different than the big blocks.  I have an 850 El Dorado for comparison.   like the small block for it's well-mannered characteristics, but it is too close to beemer-like for my tastes. Too smooth, too linear.   I'll keep this bike for awhile, then try something else. 
Maybe it is just me.  I've been married forever (happily), but I like to shop around on bikes. :boozing:
I present to you..."Moby Dick" 2014 Victory Vision.....aka, The Great White Whale....871 pounds....45-47 MPG....25 inches seat height....and in 6th gear at 80 is the ultimate cruiser! :thumb: :bow: :boozing: :cool:

famous poem about grief

Ha !  Those are great, aren't they ?  Haven't owned a Vision but have owned a couple of Gl1800 Goldwings. 
Nobody on his death bed ever wished he had one more day to cut grass!

General Discussion / Re: Riding a Pan America
« Last post by kingoffleece on Today at 09:58:59 PM »
I tend to agree with you.  I don't see the insect/transformer ADV bikes being any more attractive than the PanAm.  Good for H-D to try something different.
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