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--- Quote from: Antietam Classic Cycle on December 04, 2021, 08:47:42 AM ---I thought he told me it needed a clutch?

--- End quote ---

It was in the original ad Charlie. I explained to Ben that you and I talked about it and came to that conclusion.

Tomís right Charlie. Iím glad.  I was feeling a little remiss in not checking the swing arm bearings, u-joint carrier bearing and clutch pushrod seals.  While Iím down there Iíll check the rear main seal. Now I can do it right.

It was a crabby Sunday.  Clutch plates are ready for replacement. U-joint carrier bearing and u-joint look great. Part of me wants to just rip it all apart, paint the frame and strip and vapor hone the engine.  The smart half says just put it back together with a good cleaning and have a solid runner with patina.

Flywheel off and re-marked. The rear main seal looks good but I will replace it and seal the cam plug. Calipers rebuilt with all new Brembo parts.  Right side carb rebuilt.

New clutch input hub oil seal installed. Clutch throwout bearing and pushrod inner body need replacing. Cam plug sealed. Carbs completed.


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