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1973 V7 Sport Cylinder Relining Millennium

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Ok so valve covers offÖ gotta go get a 1Ē socket.

My 14 year old daughter is becoming the best assistant everÖ so turns out itíll be a good bonding experience.

Was considering Gilardoni first... but can't find them anywhere and no indication of them returning any time soon.

Found these... they seem to be the same but without the valve relief that the Sport has. The company says they will add it for me if I shoot some pics of my OEM Pistons.

I think I'd rather stick with the originals, if they're in good shape. But if not, does this seem like a viable option?

Unless someone knows where a set specifically for the V7 Sport is hiding. ;)

Thatís what Iím running.


--- Quote from: czakky82 on June 20, 2022, 01:22:20 PM ---Thatís what Iím running.

--- End quote ---

So you ordered those and had them machine in the relief or you donít have a sport?

If your pistons don't meet specs on the ring groove widths as Charlie mentions, you could get a set of new pistons with rings to match the Millenium Nikasil job. Maybe other folks who have used those Asso pistons can pitch in with their feedback


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