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I am now retired and have embarked on my 'Big Adventure'.

I have spent the last year building my self-contained, fully electric solar van. Other than the gas motor, all systems are electric. Induction cooktop, microwave, fridge and a mini-split heatpump for heat and cooling all running on 120V AC. I have an all in one charge controller/inverter pure sinewave 3000W AC and 5.1KWh server rack battery nominal 48V DC with 930W of solar panels.

I am on my maiden voyage with it starting about a month ago, sending my daughter to NYC to start her MFA at NYU. I have since been up to Vermont, Connecticut with a brief stop at Hamlins, Pennsylvania, Maryland where I attended the Sportsmobile east coast get together, West Virginia and then on to Suches in Georgia meeting a few Guzzi friends and then to visit my good friend NCDan where we did a bit of tuning on his Stone. I am now in Saluda NC at a beautiful place with great hiking trails with streams and creeks.

I will be travelling in the north Georgia, NC, SC and surrounding area for the next 2 weeks until I have to be back at my house in Florida for jury duty.
I would love to meet up with some forum members on my journey in the next two weeks and also after I continue my trip in November when I will head out west to New Mexico and Arizona and places in between for the winter. I will update my whereabouts as I go.

When I am back in Florida mid October I will be installing a motorcycle carrier in my receiver hitch so I can carry a bike. Unfortunately it will not be one of my Guzzis. I don't think I can safely load a Guzzi up and off the carrier by myself. I will be bringing a Suzuki 650 Savage thumper which weighs about 350lbs or maybe less when I am done stripping stuff off it. So maybe you guys can show me some of your favorite rides.

Please PM or post and I will try to make it by to visit. I have no schedule except for the jury duty.

The SolarSaurus

Lisa and I enjoyed the time you spent with us at the river house as well as our place in Winston Salem.
It was a good trade off me working on the FREE SPIRIT Van and you bringing my Stone to spec.
Be safe in your endeavors my friend 👍


A friend of mine from CO is doing the same thing w/EV on a trailer behind a Dodge maxivan but no solar.

AJ Huff:
Very cool!


neat van.  Circumstances have not allowed me to get my Toy Hauler for the entire year.  I guess I'll have to get some plans going for next year?


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