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 Wondering if there will be a breakfast meeting this coming weekend? Weather looks great. :food:

Indeed there will be.  :thumb:

  The huge pancakes are awesome for breakfast !  But, they offer all the usual breakfast foods on their menu.  AND, the company you'll experience is great too !!!   We always have a good time.....Join us at 10:00 this Saturday morning.   :food:  The Kid

This will hopefully be the first one I've made it to all year! Always something in the way, but (knock on wood!) not this weekend, finally, lol.

See you guys Saturday to tell lies and have giant pancakes!

For the benefit of those who haven't been in awhile, please note that the time and location has changed from years past.

It's still the first Saturday of the month, unless that should happen to fall on a holiday weekend, at which point we've usually postponed it a week.

We meet at 10:00am on said Saturdays at the Village Family Restaurant in Waynesville OH.


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