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Hooking up sidecar brake on Tonti

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Tim Henry:
I set up my wifes harley  california side car  by connecting it to front master it stopped straight as an arrow . I never bothered hooking uo the brake to my velorex on my 07 triumoh bonnie and i lived in the hill island of St Croix vi with no issues hauling a family of 4 at the time the kids got alittle bigger in this photo

Thanks guys for the suggestions. Thats a neat way to hook it up, John. I like the idea of using the sidecar brake as a turning aid. I would have never thought of hooking things up that way....Brilliant!! :thumb:
Rick D.

There's a guy out here that has his clutch and front brake on the left handlebar.  Nice set-up.  He lost use of his right arm from an accident. 

I have a 98 with sidecar and the sidecar brakes are connected to the rear brake cylinder. Thatís how I got it

Ted N:
You have the brake so I am sure that you would like it to operate but  I have not found the need for a sidecar brake in the last 35,000 miles,  just 1 more thing to get accustomed to in my opinion.


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