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New England MGNOC XMas Celebration...Saturday, Dec. 10

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Saturday, December 10, 2022
New England MGNOC (and More!)

7:00 PM -- ??:??

The Log Cabin
383 Rte. 87
Lebanon, CT 06249

Please R.S.V.P. by Wednesday, December 7 with Menu choice:

-Big G Burger...$13.99
-Fresh Baked Atlantic Cod...$19.99
-War Office Pasta...$20.99
-Chicken Francaise...$20.99
-Famous Prime Ribe...$27.99

Visit for more menu details.

Steven Rossi
CT-RI MGNOC State Rep.
(248) 470-5788

Steve I'll have the big G Burger thanks for doing what you do

Tom Bailey

Here's the post on the IMOC site: 

The Log Cabin just informed me that "Groups" are now automatically subject to a 20% Service Charge and Tax. Which we normally would have handled individually at the end, anyway.

So the actual Total prices will now be:

Big G Burger = $17.82
Fresh Baked Atlantic Cod = $25.46
War Office Pasta = $26.73
Chicken Francaise = $26.73
Famous Prime Rib = $35.65

It should be easier/cleaner in the end when we wrap up.


Steven Rossi
(248) 470-5788

Had 26 on hand...including two MGNOC State Reps. from Kentucky...and a 1955 Zigolo was on the floor...a good time was had by all!

Happy Holidays,

Steven & Lynn Rossi


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