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Subject matter is the front brake caliper from a MZ Skorpion.  Made by Grimeca.

Self appointed MZ experts say "Grimeca brake components are junk and should be replaced with Brembo components."

Some people say "Some Moto Guzzi models used Grimeca brake components."

I have been told that some Grimeca brake components are dimensionally identical to some Brembo components.  Brembo makes a P4 30/34 caliper that many riders use to replace the Grimeca caliper on the MZ.  The Brembo piston diameters are 30mm and 34mm.  Interestingly, the Grimeca piston diameters are 30mm and 35mm.

I'm told the Grimeca pistons are made from sintered metal which has a higher coefficient of thermal expansion than the cast caliper housing.  The pistons may be prone to seizing when hot.

My front brake did seize up.  Luckily, it occurred relatively slowly over the course of 20 seconds or so, and I figured it out quick enough to get out of traffic.  I just assumed it was due to the previous owner overfilling the master cylinder.

So my questions to the WG flock are:

1.  Have you owned any bikes with Grimeca brakes?  Is so, what year, make, and model?
2.  Have the Grimeca brakes on that bike(s) caused you any problems?
3.  What did you do to resolve the problems?
4.  Any suggestions on where to buy piston seals and dust guards for Grimeca brakes?

Thanks in advance!

The later Moto Morinis had Grimeca disc brakes.
1980 Morini 500
1986 and 1987 Morini Camel
1987 (?) 350 K2
I wish I had kept at least one. I never experienced any brake issues.

I also had a MZ Skorpion, but no brake issues there either.

So, I'm really no help to you.
My impression was that Grimeca brakes were fine. My experiences were good.
Apparently they make bicycle brakes, but I'm not seeing much else on the internet.

I roadraced a Skorpion for three years with the OEM Grimeca brakes (aside from the hoses & pads) and never had a bit of problem.

I did flush the fluid yearly.

Antietam Classic Cycle:
I don't know of any Guzzi that used Grimeca brakes - maybe some of the small models that the US never got?

Are you sure the bleed hole in your master cylinder isn't blocked and not allowing fluid to return? Classics symptoms of that.

To answer your questions:
1. Morini 500, 350 K2 (2), 3 1/2 Strada, MZ Saxon Country 500 and Silver Star Classic 500
2. None other than age related (leaky seals)
3. Bought a rebuild kit (Ariete kit for the second 350 K2 master cylinder)
4. Storz Performance used to be a source for parts, but that seems to have ended. Some Brembo parts fit, on some calipers. My friend Jarl needed seals and pistons for the 38 mm calipers from his 500 Strada - F08 seals and pistons fit perfectly. Google Ariete - they're an Italian company that makes rubber bits, "valtermotousa" on ebay sells a lot of their stuff.


--- Quote from: nc43bsa on January 26, 2023, 09:57:43 PM ---I roadraced a Skorpion for three years with the OEM Grimeca brakes (aside from the hoses & pads) and never had a bit of problem.

I did flush the fluid yearly.

--- End quote ---

Annual flushing of brake fluid is an excellent practice.  I do the same, and I've never had a problem with a bike that I have owned.

The MZ was the first bike I have ever taken for a ride before I went thru the bike and made sure everything was up to snuff.  That will never happen again.

The previous owner told me he recently did extensive maintenance of the bike (including changing the brake fluid, it did look new) and took the bike out for 50 miles to verify all was OK.

In less than 3 miles, the front brake took on a mind of it's own...... live and learn.


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