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National Motorcycle Museum Anamosa - CLOSING

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Located in eastern Iowa in the small town of Anamosa, the National Motorcycle Museum has been home to over 500 motorcycles, a great bicycle collection and thousands of pieces of memorabilia.

After 22 years in this location, however, the Board of Directors, lead by Chairman Jill Parham, has decided to close the Museum later this year. “We have struggled for several years to cover wages and utilities partly due to low visitation.” The Museum is one of about six motorcycle museums in America operated as a non-profit and was established in Iowa by J&P Cycles founders John and Jill Parham. As is proper with closing non-profits, the Museum is using professional counsel during the process. Owners of loaned motorcycles have been contacted, motorcycles that belong to the Museum will be liquidated at auction to pay bills.

Much of the Parham Collection will be sold as well. If you would like to be informed of the sales, go to the Museum’s website and sign up for email, www.nationalmcmuseu Since this is the unfortunate end of a fine museum, we hope you’ll make plans to visit one more time. Tentative closing date is September 5, 2023 giving visitors to Sturgis and the Blackhawk MC meet in Davenport a chance to stop by.

Sad.....that is a great museum

AJ Huff:


Glad I got to go.

Dang! That's one I've known about for years but I've never had the occasion to ride anywhere near it.  Iowa's not exactly known for great motorcycle roads.  :rolleyes:


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