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Moto Guzzi Experience 2023

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--- Quote from: twowheeladdict on March 07, 2023, 09:21:44 AM ---My thoughts exactly.  If I were planning on buying a V100 I would definitely do the Ozarks trip.  $1250 extra for the trip and 650 miles on the bike, is worth it to try before spending $17000 on the bike and never falling in love with it.

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This will be a first-class ride through my stomping grounds.  Highly recommended for those with the $$$$ to spend:

The Moto Guzzi ride experience is back for 2023 with rides in Yellowstone, Smokey Mountains, and the Ozarks. Last year they used V85TT and this year will be V100 Mandellos.

On a lark I looked up Yellowstone as it's on my bucket list. Long story short (and encouraged by my understanding wife) I booked that event and will spend 4-days riding around MT and WY on a V100 Mandello. Should be quite the adventure!

Good for you, thatís a beautiful area to ride a motorcycle, have fun!!!

Sounds like a BLAST, but I think I'll ride the Ozarks on this for the price of gas and ride back home  :thumb:

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A buddy and I signed up for the Yellowstone trip and are taking our wives. I rented the V100. This trip is now sold out. You have to reserve within a few days of announcement. Yellowstone sold out quickly last year as well.

I test rode the V100 at AF1 Austin last weekend. It is a great bike. Look forward to riding on Yellowstone trip. Spite's Corner just did a review on the V100. See link below:

We did the Moto Guzzi Experience AR trip in fall 2021, and it was awesome. Piaggio sponsored a great trip. And, you get a special discount if you purchase a new V100 and V85 before end of 2023.


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