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2013 Stelvio NTX Startus Interuptus

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--- Quote from: guzzisteve on March 25, 2023, 08:01:07 AM ---Read your wiring diagram, yellow wire (from memory) goes to 15A fuse on fuse panel.
I'd call MPH and get their plug & play loom fix. All documented if you research a bit.

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No.  That won't fix the solenoid 'clunk'.


--- Quote from: ediehl on March 21, 2023, 11:07:20 AM ---I did just get another CLUNK (dang it!), and so I suppose I'll replace the startup relay, and install the bypass switch just in case.

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Yup.  I've spent hours reading all the forums.  Bought another new battery of proper size and name brand. Got the DeOxit to clean all the connections.  Already completed the first SI fix jumping the yellow relay wire which just resulted in SI V2.0 CLUNK.  I decided no matter what I did or even if it worked I would not trust the bike without installing a momentary starter switch.    Too many reports of it working for awhile and coming back.  And not worth it to me to chase the problem through the entire harness and ECU.    This repair is inelegant.  But it's effective.

I ordered this style switch:  It will go through the battery box on the Norge.  I think I'll be able to reach it whilst on the bike.   I also ordered this connector to add a second spade terminal on the solenoid so I don't have to cut the original harness.  I'll just run a new wire from the battery through the button to this second terminal at the solenoid.


--- Quote from: ediehl on March 26, 2023, 01:05:44 PM ---Well, after a new starter relay, liberal application of DeoxIT, and a new ground wire direct from the battery to the topmost ground above the starter (a strand of solid copper from a romex bundle), she now seems to be firing up every time (so far, anyway...). I may not do the bypass switch (yet...).

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The Stelvio's don't do startus interuptus like the Breva's, if it doesn't start something is wrong on parts or connections as on any motorcycle that doesn't start. My 2015 NTX has a Chinese starter, not a Chinese Bosch. Just like other Guzzi from same building year.


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