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2013 Stelvio NTX Startus Interuptus

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--- Quote from: ediehl on March 15, 2023, 10:08:18 AM ---
I'll go read through that referenced thread thread on the subject. Thanks!

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that will be a good start and donít buy anything like a starter or solenoid until youíve gone through the steps in that thread.


--- Quote from: pehayes on March 14, 2023, 06:23:59 PM ---It always helps to add the Startus Interruptus fix (even a roll-yer-own version)
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I recently brought back to the road a 2003 V11, runs fantastic now! Does the starter interuptous problem apply to this model, and if so, can you share the roll-yer-own version please?

The V-11 not so much, it has no feed to the ECU from start switch.

thanks @guzzsteve
I've never experienced this problem, but thought I'd avoid it if needed. I'll leave it as-is.

Wayne Orwig:
Video with GOOD SOUND, near the starter when it fails.

It sounds like you are implying that the solenoid CLUNKS (pulls in) and stays, but the starter is not spinning.
That is not the 'startus interuptus' issue.
On the Valeo starter years back, that was often a sign of the magnets coming loose inside the starter. Old problem though. Or as you mentioned, bad solenoid contacts.

You could measure (use a 12 volt bulb) between the two large posts on the solenoid. If you get the loud CLUNK and the light stays on (12V), it is the solenoid contacts not passing power to the starter.


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