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anyone go to vintage 2-stroke gatherings?

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Pretty cool video.

Cool video.

Never been to a 2-stroke motorcycle show - but did see a large gathering of 2-stroke bikes at Deal's Gap - several years ago.

Somebody brought a very nice Suzuki 2-stroke triple to the MO-KAN rally last year.  He fired it up and everybody was like, "squirrel"
What a sound !

That was the hot set-up in the day. I had a 72 GT & met some CA guys at a show that would take your motor. Then tweek it & install into their race frame & test it on the track up to 160mph. High speed at the time. My bike crashed & burned and I moved away from 2 strokes. I also sold my Sachs 125 & bought a 71 Bonnie. In 76 got Guzzi .

I'm going to the two stroke rally at deals gap may 7th- 14th 2023 for the sites,smells,sounds :smiley:

I might join ya.


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