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Any experience with DIY wrapping motorcycle Tanks????

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Just wanted to hear from the collective on this…thanks

Don G:
I spoke with a wrap shop about a Loop tank, they claimed that it was too difficult to do due to the curves. Perhaps they were inept, but this has been my only experience with a tank.   DonG

I've used 3M chrome wrap to reproduce the chrome panels on a loop tank, fools everyone but can be a little tedious to smooth out the air bubbles and the clear protective film is very difficult to pick up the edge to remove it. After the clear coat is on its hard to tell its not chrome. I dont think doing a complete tank would be possible.

For me the biggest challenge would be a dust free environment.

I have never been able to put gorilla glass on my cell phone without at least one air bubble.   :shocked:

As far as DIY, I think there would be a big learning curve...For a skilled film "technician" ,it would be no problem. I have seem "wrap jobs" on cars that are pretty incredible. I think the shape of the tank, would make a difference in the finished product, for sure. For example, the tank on my Convert I think can be wrapped with good results. Applying chrome wrap to a loop tank would be easy also, and if you spray a good urethane clear, over the chrome wrap, it would last very well, IMHO.


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