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Any experience with DIY wrapping motorcycle Tanks????

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Depends on the shape of the tank. The more compound the curves are the more difficult it gets.
Gloss solid colors/finish vinyl is the most forgiving. Some brands are notorious for being easier to install than others. They can stretch more and take more heat from a heat gun or hair dryer. You can also do one body piece with multiple pieces of vinyl. There's special vinyl cutting tape you use for this. It's not rocket science, but there are limitations. I wrapped a scooter with chrome, light blue vinyl. It was my first and only wrap job so far and came out pretty good. Chrome finish vinyl is the least forgiving type and the hardest to install. Buy extra vinyl. You will make mistakes.

Possibly these guys.

Mike Craven:

--- Quote from: ttietjen on March 20, 2023, 06:26:14 AM ---I've used 3M chrome wrap to reproduce the chrome panels on a loop tank, fools everyone but...

--- End quote ---
This reminds me of an all chrome Porsche I saw in Atlanta.  I was thinking... what if a woman lipsticked her whole face?
Anyways, sports car guys do a lot of wrapping that looks impossible. As has been implied maybe look at those specialists?  I'm looking forward to your photos.


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