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Bending your handlebars on purpose

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Iíd like 2 or 3 degrees less pullback on my handlebars. Anyone re-bend their bars? Would it weaken them or be too hard to control the bending? Crack the chrome plating?
Most pressure is on the heels of my palms and Iíd like to make it more even across my hand if possible. Itís not enough of an issue to pursue the expense of new bars at this time - just a thought if I can do it myself.

John A:
I never had any luck rebending bars . Finding a place to clamp them is the first problem, it would hurt the triple tree to use that. Once you got them clamped I think you could stick a rod in the end or over the end and tweak them. Getting them even is the next thing. I always thought the were off from each other even if they werenít. I'm thinking of compound bends, Itís easier to try a different set of risers, either taller or shorter. Hold a pencil in each hand and hold your hands in front and you can get an idea how the ends should be bent for you.

When I bought the T, it had low, narrow bars. After a few years, age and arthritis intervened, so I wanted a more upright position that would take the weight off my wrists. So I found an old Triumph handlebar in my parts stash and mounted it on the bike, took a piece of pipe 3-4 ft long that fit over the bar ends and then while holding one side, pulled the pipe back on the other. After several tries, got the angle I wanted. Still riding the bike that way after maybe 10-15 years. So I think you could do it the other way, pushing the bars forward. Probably be easier with some help, but I did it myself by guess and by golly, so it does work.

I've straightened bent (from a crash) bars successfully before but never deliberately tried to bend them.

Probably depends on what they're made from; ally or steel as to how easy it is but if it's a minor bend and you don't kink them I would think it should work OK, maybe use a bending spring (like in copper water pipes) inside to assist if you can find one of the right size?

Thanks, all. Iíll give it a try.


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