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Bending your handlebars on purpose

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When I bent up thin wall aluminum tubing for a recumbent bicycle seat I filled the tubes with water and corked the ends. Then they spent a night in the deep freeze. Next day it was an easy task with the conduit bender and nothing distorted or collapse.

OTOH When I didn't like the bars on the V11 I slit them mid rise and made a close fitting internal plug on the lathe. Glued the plug into the lower half with Loctite RC680. Played with rotating the upper half until I was satisfied with the feel. Then bonded it in place with the same Loctite. The bike has been lifted through the bond joint with no movements.

order some new bars?  I mean for $75 why go through the aggravation?  heck, you might save the old ones if you change your mind

When I went looking for new bars I never found enough manufacturers descriptions to show me exactly what I would receive. After 3 bars I resorted to fabricating the desired configuration.


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