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radial master cylinder for two P08s?

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paging rodekyll or anyone else in the know...

LM2 de-linked, I have a spare PS16 that I thought would do the job, but the travel is too long until it bites and I've been spoiled by radials on other bikes.

So... what's the go-to radial M/C for the lemans?  de-linked two old school P08s


I'm curious if there's any difference between a master for a radial and one for the 'normal' calipers? You know, I really can't see how they could be any different - they each need to pump fluid... right? I'm guessing it's all in the master's bore size.

But maybe I'm totally in the dark here since I don't have any bikes with radial brakes, and they're radically different?

If you do a search here, there is a chart for the size, been on here more than once.

I've got a Brembo RCS 15 on my de-linked LM2 and it works perfectly.

Whilst not up to the 2-finger braking of my other (radial braked) bikes, for a 40+ year old bike the brakes are remarkably good. I did, however completely overhaul the calipers with new pistons/seals/pads and braided lines to get the absolute best from them.


--- Quote from: guzzisteve on May 25, 2023, 07:35:57 PM ---If you do a search here, there is a chart for the size, been on here more than once.

--- End quote ---

thanks steve, I did do that search before I posted, and read the relevant stuff in guzziology, there's no chart for radial master cylinders that I can see on this site.

Sizing radial mcs still remains something of a dark art


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