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850 V7 Tyres - anyone used Bridgestone?

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Jim Marshall456:
Hi folks, my 2021 V7 850 Stone Centenario has 4000 miles on it and the rear OE Dunlop is getting worse on damp roads and road imperfections, tramlining increasingly. I had the traction control kick in accelerating out of a village on a straight, damp road the other week so I think itís time for fresh tyres.

Appreciating that they have their fans, I found the Dunlops ok for the first 2000 miles or so but they started tramlining after that so Iím looking at Bridgestones. They have the (crossply?) BT46 (available in 100/90 - 18 and 150/70 - 17) and (radial?) T32 (available in 110/80 - 18 front 150/70 - 17 rear). The T32 isnít available in the Guzziís recommended 100/90 - 18 size but (according to the internet) some riders have fitted 110/80 - 18 fronts.

Has anyone tried either of these, and if so how do you find them compared to the OE Dunlops? Alternatively, what tyres have other members had success with on their V7 850s?

I have the bt46 I believe. They work. They are slightly better maybe than the dunlops.  I really miss the continentals road attack I had on there. Radials are a huge improvement.

I had the bt-46 on a royal Enfield and they worked really well for that bike. Hope that helps? Doing well after 6000 miles so far on the v7.

If I find another radial offering when the v7 is due Iíll go that route. My Michelin anakee on the v85 are superb not sure what sizes those come in.

T32 is way better than any bias ply.
Pirelli has a new 90/10 radial in our sizes that I would look at.

I'm on my 2nd set of T32. Using the 110/80 front. I think they are a superb tyre wet or dry (I'm in Ireland so mostly wet)

Ps. The Dunlop's were cr*p (my opinion) and I swapped them out asap.

Jim Marshall456:
Do you know what the new Pirelli radial tyre is called? The 850 V7 doesn't appear in their online list of motorcycles for selecting tyres. The only 100/90 18 road tyre I can find on their website is the Sport Demon which is noted as a cross-ply (and was not generally liked as an OEM fit on the later V7 750s iirc)

--- Quote from: Vagrant on March 02, 2024, 09:55:13 AM ---T32 is way better than any bias ply.
Pirelli has a new 90/10 radial in our sizes that I would look at.

--- End quote ---


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