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"Gasolina" boots and jackets company,order problem

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Hello folks, I ordered a leather jacket from "Gasolina" , paid them $310. through paypal, they state they take about 3 weeks to get a jacket shipped out.I wanted it for a ride that I went on, a month after I ordered it,the jacket never arrived on time, and now, I have waited 6 weeks and have not heard anything from them,I have emailed them various times, and no response from them. Has anyone here bought anything from Gasolina, and what was your experience with the company? I am getting a bit worried, I know its a small operation down in Mexico, and all, but this is getting ridiculous. any ideas how I should proceed? I paid them through my paypal account, funded by my american express card. Thanks in advance, Rick.

Two data points....1) I corresponded with Gasolina last week so someone is there at least answering emails and 2) boots I ordered from them arrived about two months later than promised. 


Hello, and thanks for the response. 2 months later than promised is unacceptable to me, after reading your response, I opened a dispute through Paypal. I believe you only have 45 days from purchase to open a dispute with paypal, so I figgured I had better get that started.
what a crappy company to do business with......... >:( >:(

Gasolina Speedway jacket looks so cool.  Comparable Quality Jackets which are 'Made in USA' -such as  Vanson, Langlitz etc will cost much more. Dont forget to tell us what you think of the quality when you do receive it.  I may get one too.

Red Dog:
About three years ago I tried buying a set of retro boots.  Contacted them first to see if they could do them in brown leather & add a small Guzzi oval patch.  We agreed on a price & I sent them the patches only to have them claim they never got them.  I had insurance & tracking from USPS & sent them copies but they denied they got them.

They would do nothing about it, no offer to make it right, no apology, just well looks like you're out were those patches are concerned.

I cancelled the order, disputed the credit card deposit with my bank & got a full refund.

Gasolina is a junk outfit in my book.


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