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Hey folks, just bought a 22 VT85TT Guardia.  I live in N. Florida and will of course have plenty of questions as I get to know this bike.

Just joined ... age 47, public school administrator, upstate NY.

Currently own two Royal Enfields (Classic 350, Himalayan) and one Gold Wing.

The REs taught me to appreciate a simple, light bike.

I am looking at the V85TT Travel as a possible replacement for the Wing. 

That's why I am here.

Hello to all forum folks!

I've been semi-lurking for a little while and have been a Guzzi fan for over a decade, ridden a few, owned none.

I come from a land of ice and snow (Ontario, Canada) and wish to learn more from those that beat the tarmac with their favourite ride.

Hi folks, Glenn here. Iím a lifelong motorcyclist and retired electro-mechanical field engineer. I started out as a machinist and motorcycle mechanic, got a degree and worked in the printing and publishing industry most of my career. I split my time between South Florida and North Carolina, which is my preferred riding location. Currently Iím riding my 74 Norton Commando, 2002 Triumph Trophy 1200 and my recently purchased 2007 MG Breva 1100. I

had a V10 Centuro a few years ago but found it a bit high-strung for my taste. Anyway, Iím glad to be here and look forward to learning and sharing with you all!

Hi all,

Long-time Guzzi owner, off-an-on rider over the last 20+ years...

I started my Guzzi journey back in Northern California where I picked up my 2002 V11 Lemans new, and then moved out to North Carolina in the mid-2000s, where we are today.

I thought I had already been a member here sometimes in the ages ago, but I guess not!   :wink:



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