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Mini Adv Bike. CSC Cyclone

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Have any of you guys seen this? Small 250cc Adv Bike. Bags, lights and intimidating look. What do you guys think? Zongshen engine, apparently people say it's reliable.

Well, it has a "fashionable travel suitcase" as well as a "streamlined and humanized windshield." But really the clincher is the "handlebars with necking technology." I mean really, what more does a motorcycle need?

Good concept.  Bad origin.


I'm sure some stuff is lost in translation. This place isn't too far from me. Maybe I can make a day trip and ride one if they end up over here.

That would be a big bike in China, for the most part they are limited to 125 or electric.
The old Chang Jiangs were 750cc but they are classed as sidecars.

Don't the Chinese make the BMW 800 cc bikes for export?
They can make some quality stuff if they put their mind to it.


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