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Dog Pics 2015

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A little over 5 years ago, this little bugger wondered into the library I was then managing.  Someone came and told me, "There's a dog in the library."  She was incredibly dirty, tagless and collarless, circling the landing inside the entrance all the while growling in the cutest, leave me alone kind of way.  I said okay fine and just sat down on the interior steps beside the landing to wait and see what would happen.  She continued circling and growling a bit at me before contentedly hopping up to sit on the steps beside me.  I knew immediately she would be coming home with me.  Took her back, gave her two baths - both where fleas just floated off her - and where she actually changed from a brown to a blonde dog.  I posted flyers but nobody claimed her and I secretly harbored the idea that I would not hand her over even if they tried.  At the vet they said she was between 5-8 mos. old then.  She quickly demonstrated a knack for running in front of you, leaping and sliding on her back with her belly up at you.  Flopsy was so named and history followed.  My wife has since turned her into some kind of canine queen and they have bonded beyond measure.  I try and remind her often that it is me, in fact, not my wife who rescued her from the hard streets of west Louisville; yet, Flops won't have much of it and wifey remains first in her heart.  I don't mind.  Because it's unknown exactly, wife jokes that her birthday is each year on January 1st, hence the five year hat.  Flops only suffers such humiliation and indignities because she's well aware it doesn't get any better than wife's arms.  Anyone else got some good dog pics for 2015 so far?

Mia (the Tiger dog) and Jazz in a "pas de dog" at the dog park a few days ago.


                                                  Bix Biederbecke

My oldest daughter got a eurasian puppy this late fall.
Never heard about that kind of dog before. Got to add that he's very cute and well behaving - so far.
He's now nearly four months old, here they are a few days ago.

Hannah, our 13 year old black lab with our Daughter, Nicole last winter.

A few days ago.   Being old, this is Hannha's natural state.


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