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Need pics for website. Show off your bike.

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Curtis Harper:
Here I go again asking for you guys' help building up the website. Since The fellow that was doing our site is no longer in our employ, it comes back to me to try to make things more user friendly. And I am rapidly gaining on it I think. We are changing the way to get to out parts lookup, or on-line parts microfiche. When finished I am going to need an image representing each model of Guzzi from then until now. The image will be used for reference to the parts look up, so someone who may not quite be sure of the bike has something to look at. Such as the page linked below to the V700 fiche. (Don't know whose bike that is but if it's yours let me know and I will put credits on it.)  

So if you have a pretty original guzzi and would like a chance for it to be shown on the site send me a pic to Once finished each pic will have to owners name attached to it. Need one bike for each model.

Thanks again for helping us help you.

Here is a great factory original v65sp 1984

Not my bike but a good correct original

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Good clear Robin pic

That's all I got.. My Breva is miles from stock

Thanks for continuously working on the site Curtis

The parts diagrams are a great easy resource

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2002 California Stone

1999 Bassa.


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