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Horn on SP will not blow. Will horn from BMW work.

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I seldom ever blow my motorcycle or car horns so I have no idea how long the horn has been broken.  The first indication I had a problem was when I pushed the wrong button and the horn attempted to blow.  It went eeeeee once and hasn't been heard from since.  That was last summer and yesterday I decided to repair it. 
I ran some test and I'm sure it's the horn.  I have the horn from the K75S that I hit the deer with four years ago.  Not sure it works as I never blew that horn either.
Question.  Will a BMW horn work on my SP?  They look exactly alike.  Do you think anyone will notice that the horn is blowing in German.
Thanks,  :BEER:

Oh deer.

Sure it will work , just don't tell Chuckie  ;D


If you never use your horn you will never know.

I replace the two "corna patetici" on my V7 with great honkin' BMW horns from a K100.  They worked perfectly.  Make sure that the SP has a horn relay with 20A contact ratings.  If not, there are special DPST Fiamm relays available (one contact to each horn) for dual horn setups.


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