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So, for all you wise men. I'm looking for input/knowledge about Sunbeam motorcycles. Dependable as my Italian mistress? I like shaft drive, but an inline twin might have heat issues. Thanks in advance. Harold  :BEER:

Vasco DG:
Biggest problem with the S7 and S8 as far as I know was their final drive which was by some odd form of worm gear which was fragile. It was adopted because BSA who owned Sunbeam at the time were tooled up for it.


Reliable in as much as I go for a 40 mile toot and get home again. My Guzzi's take me farther. I had a Norton so I've already got a rescue trailer, just don't know much about them except they look interesting.   :BEER:

Don G:
With age comes wisdom is true in most cases, but dont forget sometimes with age comes sillyness!LOL ;-T DonG

I'd check for user's groups and their linked sites.

Looks like a nice bike.


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