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Dire straights - On the road again.

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Skin Mechanic:

--- Quote from: Kiwi Dave on January 23, 2015, 02:36:18 PM ---A locksmith here in NZ found the Silca ZD18 fits perfectly on the Aprilia pannier locks.

--- End quote ---

Cool that, I found a more comprehensive list of compatible blanks on a locksmithing website:

Cole SB11
Curtis SB-11
Dominion SB9
Ilco X52
Ilco EZ SAA1
Jet SAA1
Silca YM22
Taylor X52

bad Chad:
All is well that ends well.   ;-T

Skin Mechanic:
What makes this victory even sweeter, the key in the ignition has an unwritten transponder. Cloning and programming are soooooooooo overrated ;D


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