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Advice re. 2003 Stone 1100cc

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Due to ongoing medical problems, I had to quit riding over a year ago and sold my Breva 750 & Griso.  I'm doing much better now and am considering purchasing another Guzzi.  I have found a 2003 1100 Stone with low miles.  I emailed the owner and asked about the tappet recall and he replied that when he bought the bike, he confirmed with a dealer that the factory update had been performed.  
1. How can I be absolutely sure that this work has been done?
2. I'm not totally clear on exactly what was done to fix these problems; So, did the valves remain "non-adjustable" (hydraulic) or were they converted to adjustable valves?
3.  If the fix was done, should I have any concerns re. the longevity of this engine?
4.  Are there any other potential problem areas with this engine/model of Guzzi.

The fast visual check is to pop a valve cover and look at the adjusters.  If you can see that the ends of the studs are broken off so's they can no longer be adjusted, at least that part of the fix is in.  Ask when the owner bought it and how many miles he, himself has ridden it.  An undone or improperly done recall would not still be on the road after 12 years and 20k miles.  So if the tappets look 'done' and the math works out, you're probably good.

datoid:  Hydro valves are not adjustable IN SERVICE, but they still need adjustment during assembly.

Hydro owners are biased of course, but the objective data -- miles on the road -- say the hydro is every bit as reliable as a Guzzi should be.  I have an EV hydro with ~30k on the recall, which I did myself on account of an unscrupulous dealer taking the money for the recall without actually doing the job.  I coupled it to a Convert transmission and run it x-country, loaded.  I also have a Jackal engine in a Convert.  IMO the hydro is a smoother runner, smoother puller, and has more oooompah in the bass range than its solid-lifter cousin.  For my trike project, for which I could use any engine on the planet, I chose the hydro.

If this is the skinny fender type, the rear light is reported to suck so bad it's systemically rejected by the rest of the bike.  There are also a couple of weak points in the 'lectrics for some people.  Piddly stuff, really.  If the price is right on the Stone and it calls to you, adopt it. 

Thanks for the reply.  The owner says that he has had it for several years but the bike only has 7700 miles on the odometer.
I've read conflicting information on whether the 2003 Stone had a single or dual disc clutch so I've asked him which one the bike has.  If he doesn't know, I have pictures of what each looks like through the inspection hole on the bell housing.  If the bike has a single disc clutch, my interest level will drop to zero and I'll move along to another bike.
The owner is asking $3500 and the bike has a windscreen and the leather bags.  NADA average retail is considerably lower but you can't always use book values as a true indicator of value.  I'm thinking closer to $3k-$3100 is more in line if everything else checks out. 

The last fix for Hydro's also has shiny spring retaining collars, old stuff has a darker dull finish. The kit also came w/a metal front cover gasket for timing chest.
Any dealer can run the VIN # and tell you who did the work & when it was completed.

So, if I give you my VIN, you can identify the shop that 'did' my recall?  MGNA said that wasn't possible.   ???


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