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I'd impress on the OP that you do not want to permanently resize the originals! You may want that resolution later. In my job, i regularly create photo reports by dropping copies of my pictures into an MS Word document, then saving the document as a pdf file (using Adobe Acrobat). Adobe compresses the entire file, yet retains pretty decent image quality. If I'm sending someone pics- i don't want to send dozens of crappy little low res images- makes it a hassle for them to open and view.  Once again, i have the originals as need be.

Good advice.  I never operate on an original photo -- I make a copy to tinker on.  Even if you never plan to use the hi-res version, if a question ever arose concerning the photo's authenticity or authorship, you've got the original, untouched file to make your argument with.

Kiwi Dave:
I thought jpg files are already compressed.  Any further compressing will result in loss of quality and/or resolution.  Same goes for zipping jpg and pdf files, often the zip file is almost as big or bigger than the original.


--- Quote from: Groover on January 30, 2015, 08:10:43 AM ---I use IrfanView for these types of tasks. It's free, opens pretty much any image file, and it's lightweight.

Good luck.

--- End quote ---

I too like Irfanview and use it as my default viewer.

I do not think it has a compression function as such though. I'm presuming from what he says that crc wants to be able to post one of those images where you go from an thumbnail or similar to the full image when you click on it.  I think some of the image hosting sites do that don't they?


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