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compressing images, photos

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I use IrfanView for these types of tasks. It's free, opens pretty much any image file, and it's lightweight.

Good luck.

Wayne Orwig:
I was asleep for my first reply.
Actually, I just recently installed this on all of my Windows 8 systems. Get it in the Microsoft Store. It is called "Share To:resize". Easy to use. Click the file OR files OR an entire folder. Set the destination and the size you want. Boom, your photos are resized.

With Paint:
Right click on the picture file.
Select Open With -> Paint
Click on the Resize button
(Change the size)
Then from the file menu select Save As (so you don't overwrite your original)

In Windows Live Photo Gallery (It's probably already installed):
Right click on the photo and select resize
(change the size)
Click Resize and Save (it will create a new file with the dimensions in the file name)

You don't need to mess around with your email program to do this.


--- Quote from: OMG on January 30, 2015, 08:01:05 AM ---He wanted Basic, not C       ::)

I use a program called Polyview. Nothing outstanding about it, but it has worked for a lot of years.

--- End quote ---

You get points for obscure humor there, son.   :D   ;-T

Why not CBASIC? It's still a basic language... Just not as basic as BASIC. ;)


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