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1100 Sport Front Wheel Bearings


Hi There,

I was wondering If Anyone Knows Which Side The Smaller Inner Diameter Bearing Goes On On The Front Wheel. Both Bearings Have The Same OD However One Has A Smaller ID.

I Dont Have My Front Axle With Me And Looked Up The Parts Manual But It Doesnt Seem Right.

Does The Bearing Spacer Actually Slide Through The Bearing With The Larger Inner Diameter?

Any Help Would Be Appreciated.


I don't know, but I'll bump this.

Don't know either, I have a Sport 1100 and next week when I get home I will be happy to pull the front wheel and send you some pics

Injected or carbed? On the carbed 1100 sport the axel goes in from the RHS then there is a thin piece of tube on the LHS that a spacer fits over the top of ,next to the fork leg that the axel threads into. While I haven't measured the ID of the bearings I'd say the larger diameter has the thin spacer. The spacer would have the same ID as the smaller of the two bearings.

Thanks Guys,

Hi Murray,
Thanks Heaps , That Makes Sense.
The Larger Id Bearing Does Slip Over The Spacer On The Left Hand Side.
The Parts Manual Has Got It Wrong.

Once Again, Thanks Guys. Appreciate Your Help



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