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01 Jackal price help request

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It depends on the farkles.  A second front brake, super-wowser windscreen, skookum seat, upgraded wheels/suspension can possibly bring the value up.  But now I've described an EV.

Yea no super wowsey farkles just rear shocks, handlebar and backrest upgrades.

I sold a totally kitted out Bassa a couple years ago for $3500. (after not getting any inquiries at $4500). tubeless rims, full luggage, Staintune mufflers and a lot of other goodies.. Man that was a nice bike and super deal..

 I have bought 2, 2000 jackal in the last 4 yr. (I like the Jackal). The last one yesterday ,piņa driving light double disk brakes front, HB 40 lt. Side & top baggrs, high flow mufflers ev tach seedo closter a little window shield. But a dented tank and rust on frame( got touch up paint today) and a little on chrome. Give 3000 but offer 2500 for your Jackel. if you see me on the road I well tell you why beer makes you smarter when I got my first Jackal Rudyr


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