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Georgia "Midwinter Guzzi Gathering" w/ Pix


Bill Hagan:
So, for several years, the Georgia Guzzi crowd had its monthly meeting at the Vortex, that inimitable goth & more “dining” spot in Little Five Points.  “Funky” is a criminal understatement.  I often wondered if I’d flunk one of our monthly random urinalyses if it popped me after “the night before” at the Vortex.

See  And, if you have the time and inclination, see,e.g., this,

We all loved it, even tho it was a very long way (think  50 - 70 miles, one-way) for some monthly regulars. We had trained “our waiter” — via outrageous tips — to block off parking and choice table space for us.

But sadly, that good guy had some law-enforcement “issues”  :+=copcar, and we showed up one day to find us less well-received.

We tried — and Wayne and team are still trying — to find the right place, but so far, it’s often a different eatery every month.  Too bad.

Well, as an alternative to that, Mike Craven decided it would be nice to have a simple social meeting on a weekend afternoon, thus the "Midwinter Guzzi Gathering" at the Cravens’ home this past Saturday afternoon, 21 February.
This wasn't to be a "tech day” or the February monthly meeting, but just a congenial get-together of local Guzzisti and their families.  The former could do the usual scratch, spit, and grunt; the wives could do the usual rolling of eyes.  If weather permuted, ride ‘em, but cages were fine.

Bottom line?  A great time. I was lucky to be there while on the my monthly "Eldercare Duty Roster" for my mom.

Here are a few pix with captions, for those who like that sort of thing:

Thanks, Mike and Sue!


Thanks for the GA report.  This has not been a rider friendly Feb. for sure.

Wayne Orwig:

--- Quote from: Hawker on February 26, 2015, 08:01:58 PM ---Thanks for the GA report.  This has not been a rider friendly Feb. for sure.

--- End quote ---

I know. I had frost on the seat the other night.



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