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AH Fan:
Well just got back the other day from a extended weekend spent at the RawHyde adventure camp. For those of you who have ever wondered what this type of motorcycling is all about I personally recommend Jim and his gang as we had a very good experience.
For me being a street rider for a big chunk of my life this type of riding with these very tall and heavy machines (in the program we selected) was going to be interesting and it was in a good way, the only disappointment was that there was no Stelvio in the herd to try!!........... maybe next time.
Beautiful location, exceptional coaches to teach you how to ride these heavy weights and surrounded by very interesting and like minded enthusiasts...... what could be better thanks all.

Ciao   ;-T

So that's where you've been hiding out ;-T

AH Fan:

  Busted   ;D  hopefully see you Sunday for all the details.



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