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28" inseam. It's lower to the ground I need.

blu guzz:
Vagrant:  At times, I feel the standard height v85 is a little too tall for my 29" inseam as well.  I hate to admit, but when I sat on and rode the new V100, I felt much more in control at stops.  Of course, it sacrifices 2 inches of suspension to do so.


--- Quote from: Vagrant on April 08, 2023, 07:07:17 AM ---28" inseam. It's lower to the ground I need.

--- End quote ---

Gotcha. I have a 30" and am good with the low saddle.


--- Quote from: Vagrant on April 06, 2023, 02:49:11 PM ---Has anybody got any time on a shock factory M shock? They have one with a height adjuster that can drop the rear by as much as an inch. That would let me put the rubbers back under the seat to relieve the old knees and get me a bit closer to a safer feet down height. It should improve the ride a bit too.

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I put an M-Shock on my Ducati Scrambler and was immediately impressed with the performance over the standard POS that comes fitted from the factory.  That may be, in part, due to the fact that the spring on the new unit was correctly sized for my weight and style of riding, but was happy with the M-shock for four years and over 20,000 klm with no issues whatsoever.

I'm sure their shock is great. I'm very pleased with the set on my v7III.
I'm relatively happy with the stock v85 shock, but need it in the second from softest position because of my weight. It would be better off in #3 but that's really too high.
 I just really would like to lose 1/2" so I feel better when getting off on gravel or way off camber pull outs.


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