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Here are options if, like me, you were immediately struck by the plastic gas cap and very low angle for the V9 Roamer when on the side stand. The gas cap is a matter of taste but the side stand angle is unnerving if, like me, you stand on the peg and step over instead of swinging a leg. I do that because of hip problems and a rear hard case.
The gas cap was on ebay as Chrome Locking Petrol Cap - Triumph New Bonneville at $81 total with tax and shipping. I am using it without the thick rubber gasket. Just filled it and went for a 10 mile drive and saw no leaking or ill effects. I may try a 1/16th rubber gasket but the cap sits a bit high if anything.
The side stand modification was to take a 1 lb. lead ingot, trim and shape it to fit the base shape of the stand, removing about 40% of the ingot, attached it with JB Weld and secured it with two small screws. It is about 3/4 of an inch higher. I had made a test piece out of wood at 1 inch thick and that was too much. There is interference if you want to swing the side stand while it is on the center stand but I otherwise prefer it to the original angle

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